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if you play a retriever, pack a lunch. get ready for long points. give your opponent the impression that you're willing to stay out there all day. don't be afraid to play boring, high percentage tennis; let your opponent self-destruct ... then start crushing the ball in order ot finish him. seriously. power is less effective. if you start losing, mix it up: create high topspin loopers to your opponents weak side and come to net. all things being equal, the patient, consistent player has a big advantage. if you have a big serve or high-powered ground strokes, prepare for a longer day and less one-stroke pay offs. you need to use angles, drop shots and multi-shot set-ups. keep your opponent deep with driving topspin and try to angle him off the court whenever possible. make him your *****. if you take the net, prepare to lose a step as the surface does not support quick powerful direction changes. again: if you play a consistent player with good wheels, god help you.
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