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As best I can remember...

First lessons in summer of 1972 w/my dad's old Bancroft..

Misc. woodies (Bancroft, Stan Smith, Kramer, Davis, etc.)
Spalding aluminum
Head Mark IV aluminum
Wilson T2000 (the amazing trampoline racquet - my kids think it looks cool)
Spalding Speedshaft (I thought it looked cool, played like crap)
Yonex R7 (won a lot of matches w/that stick)
Dunlop Super Revelation 90 (wide-body used during long shoulder injury recovery)
Yonex RDX 500 Mid (Will always be my favorite, I think. Just a suhweet stick)
Dunlop M-Fil 300 (larger head size and a bit more power to accomodate old age-itis and tilt towards much more doubles play)

A few brief flings I've forgotten are missing, but that's most of it.
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