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Redflea, I'm surprised that anybody has experience with Spalding aluminums. John McEnroe said it was his first it was my first [owned] one.

My list:
Pancho Gonzales woodie
aforesaid Spalding Smasher aluminum
Chris Everett woodie
Wilson T-2000
Wilson T-3000 special model (cheapie)
....and I forget a few in here....
Yamaha YF-something or other...20?/30?/70??
Chinese made graphite oversize
Le Coq Sportif standard size wood racket--don't laugh, I like it!

...Seriously, a poster on another board convinced me to go against the grain of using an oversize when returning to the game. Said something about using the same racket head size as being better for your game.

What does anybody here think?
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