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Default Olivier Rochus....Giant in a small man's body!

O.Rochus is IMHO the most talented player on the ATP tour. That combined with his never say die attitude and small size are why he is my favorite pro to watch. He has the best drop shot of anyone on tour (just ask Albert Costa) and his volley's are top notch although his lack of reach does hinder his effectiveness at net.

At Indian Wells in 2003 I had the extreme pleasure of watching Olivier play against another one of my favorites Fabrice Santoro. The shot making in this match combined with both their quick feet produced many thrilling points. Olivier prevailed in this match 6-1,2-6,6-3. I remember hearing a spectator who had just arrived at this match telling his friend "Hey let's come watch these 2 short players, they're hitting some awesome shots!"

On Olivier's listed height of 5'5" I think this is close since my brother is about 5'6" tall and when he stood right next to Olivier my brother was definitely an inch or two taller. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture....darn.
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