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I have been doing it for a long time on a babolat pure control,i have done it over 30 times on that stick.I now have an aeropro+have already done this 4 times after having the racquet only a week.

I have also done it on my wifes head ix16,her new ncode n62+ my buddys head lm prestige.Like i said before for something everybody says you shoudnt do i have had no problems.

I always use pacific toughgut+ i feel it is the best string period,but i need to tame it down with a syn. x's.And your point is exactly why i started doing this the gut outlasts any syn.10-1.

Even when i was happy the syn. x's i was using i would change the syn. x's after a week or so because the string was shot+ the gut mains are just broke in.

It is a great way to find out what x's works the best without changing the gut main.I have a gamma x-6 fc stringer+it is a 6 point mount,which i think helps me get away with it.

By the way i take it you werent to happy with the excell, i am so dissapointed that string was just what i wanted in a x's it was perfect with my set up.But afer only 3 days of hitting it went to hell,nothing even close to the new string feel.
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