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In my quest to improve my understanding of the serve, I've been looking at the several of the progallery examples. The problem is that I honestly can't see the difference b/w their first & seccond serve, the serve up the t and the serve wide! I had my wife pick clips up at random and I could not reliably discern the service type based on the player's movement even at slow motion. On Hewitt's serve for example, he turns his wrist out on every serve. His follow through looks the same as well. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know of any easier ones to look at? FWIW, when I play people at my level, I usually pick up on a closer toss and more arch/bend in the knees and know a topspin serve is coming. What's the old saying? the mind cannot conceive what the eyes cannot see, what the ears cannot hear, nor the fingers touch!
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