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Default Re: Say IT Ain't So TW! Of All People to Perpetuate the Myt

Originally Posted by marc tressard
Et tu TW? In the racket blips and even in reviews here we are told which pros use which new racket. After years of many chiming in exposing and debunking much of this as wonton mfr. exaggeration or fraud, how can our ally TW perpetuate it? This is the best group of people in the industry yet they aid and abet. It is disappointing to say the least. Is nothing sacred? On the player gear board someone just asked if Blake uses a 300G. Of course not! Why can't TW get the specs of the endorsers and show it.
Marc I posted about this a looooooong time ago on the old board. Don replied and gave me a pretty politically correct answer and I guess he had no choice. They really can't start asking each and every player how their frames are customized. Some players might not want other players to have the info.

Marc are u in Quebec?
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