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Default Grommetless pieces of trash????

Hey all!

Evidence is mounting to cause me to believe that the Prince More Series is nothing but trouble with a capital "T". Anyone else feel this way?

I have new customer who came to me with a Prince More Response mid. He complained that the Gamma string he was using busted after a few sets of play. I examined it and it was a main string that sheared at the frame.

I went with a Poly/Syn Gut hybrid, figuring since he had once used Kevlar and was satisfied that this might be the answer. I used Poly Polar 16 mains and LF syn gut 17 crosses. He hit with it for one session and decided the strings were too dead. I am unable to figure out how this conclusion arose given that Kevlar is much less lively than Poly, but that's another topic for another day.

My next attempts were with LF Phenom 16, which has proven super durable for many of my customers, thought I would put it to the test. Boing! It sheared a cross string after about 15 minutes. I replaced it using power pads on the crosses to reduce the angle. Boing!! it sheared a main during warm ups.

I've suggested than my customer hit the ball in the center of the racquet, but since that doesn't always happen I am seeking another answer.

What suggestions do you have? I am leaning toward a Luxilon main with a textured cross for extra bite. Am hoping the Luxilon will feel livlier than the Poly Polar.

Also do any of you have any experience with these blasted More series frames shearing strings? I have had this battle with another customer as well. Is it just my customers or have others had this same problem?


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