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Default Estimated service speed (updated with vid, pg.3)

For any of you physics majors out there-if some of my hardest serves can put brand new, fresh out of the can balls through the fence about 30-40% of the time and used balls about 70% of the time, about how fast is my serve? Note that I play at a half dozen different public courts and on average, that's about the percentage I've noticed when I hit 10 hard in a row.

I think one of my hardest ever was when I blasted a used ball through the fence and it eventually came to a stop about 150 feet away on the surrounding grass.

I'm pretty sure I can hit more than 110 mph, but hoping that I can exceed at least 120 mph.

p.s. i've broken my strings 6 times this summer, 5 times on the serve, once on a groundstroke.
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