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Originally Posted by skuludo
The park near my home balls can't stick on the fence even if you pushed it by hand.

The fences probly had the same amount of space. You should try measuring them.

Are your serves this fast?
Those are around 125MPH.
yup, pretty confident i can, if not harder. in fact, my balls would still be on the rise as they hit the fence. Also, any balls that get stuck in the fence take quite a bit of effort to get out. My little cousin, who is 15 years old, isn't capable of getting the balls out of the fence, although he doesn't have the greatest grip strength. It takes a bit of effort myself to pull the balls through, especially if it's more than halfway out (obviously), but i usually just kick those right through the fence and get them later.

i agree with the comment about spin and location being pretty important, but if you hit a sissy serve, it's NOT going through the fence (unless the ball is insanely worn out). What I've noticed are averages, so I've taken into account that my balls will hit the fence at random locations with varying degrees of obstruction.
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