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Originally Posted by thursdayisgod
I've gotten balls through fences many times (after ball lands in) but I wouldn't assume my serves are over 100 mphs, or even close. Also my ground strokes go through the fence more often than my serves (more spin and land deeper). However I havn't seen your serve so maybe I'm completely off but I think going faster than 100 mph is a more difficult feat than most medium level players think.
which is why i'm not making any assumptions either. if i could serve 120, sweet. I find that odd for you because I rarely ever have a groundstroke go through the fence. In fact, I can't even think of a single time that's ever happened. Then again, I'm incapable of hitting flat groundstrokes. What I can tell you is a couple years ago, when I first started playing tennis and could not get a first serve in to save my life, a tennis instructor (not mine, but one on an adjacent court) starting giggling to his beginner students and said that's what a 110 mph serve looks like. Since then, my biomechanics have gotten much better, not perfect, but significantly better.

oh, and p.s., i think the guy in that vid could probably hit harder than what's shown in his video.
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