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Originally Posted by drakulie
Well, if that is the case and those serves are going 125, then I hit about 170 mph.

Those serves look about 90-100 mph if that.
thats quite funny.
Obviously the best way is having the use of a radar gun. But most people don't own these. Certain tennis clubs can sometimes have them.
I had my serve radared when I went out to play at a club in Naples where I knew the head pro and he came out with a radar gun. My slowest one was 118 and my fastest was 131. It would be pathetic for me to lie about this on a message board but if you don't believe me thats your choice.

I edited the clip of the fastest serve that I recorded in the video I posted earlier. Its not the straight on view one. On this clip, turn the sound way up and ignore the video. Forget the fact im a message board poster on here. Although this won't be perfect, use a stopwatch and time the sound between my serve and the service return. Then time the sound of the same thing with the men playing in the US Open.

Oh and don't use Andy Roddick for comparison.

Heres the clip.
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