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Originally Posted by ZPTennis
I had my serve radared when I went out to play at a club in Naples where I knew the head pro and he came out with a radar gun. My slowest one was 118 and my fastest was 131. It would be pathetic for me to lie about this on a message board but if you don't believe me thats your choice.
I never said you lied. My comment was directed at the serve referenced, and the mph the poster claimed the speed was. I don't doubt you could hit the mph you state you have been clocked. However, the serve referenced is not 125 mph. I know this based on my own serve. I have been clocked at 118 MPH, and could tell you 118 MPH is a lot faster than the serve on the video.

Originally Posted by ZPTennis
Although this won't be perfect, use a stopwatch and time the sound between my serve and the service return. Then time the sound of the same thing with the men playing in the US Open.
Sorry, but this is not a very good technique to clock serve speeds.

As I stated in the thread where you posted the video originally, I think you have a good serve and thanked you for sharing them with us. I'm not trying to knock you in any way. I'm sure lots of guys on here wish they had your serve.

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