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Originally Posted by drakulie
I never said you lied. My comment was directed at the serve referenced, and the mph the poster claimed the speed was. I don't doubt you could hit the mph you state you have been clocked. However, the serve referenced is not 125 mph. I know this based on my own serve. I have been clocked at 118 MPH, and could tell you 118 MPH is a lot faster than the serve on the video.
Actually, I was the original person to estimate the speed from the other topic I made. And my estimate is based on when I was clocked before. You develop a feel for the speed after you have your serve radared.

Not trying to discredit you, but I know my serve and trying to judge a speed by only using my youtube video is not going to be accurate. A good example that shows this is the fact that there are still people who think my video is sped up. The video is very low quality from the original and many of the millisecond frames that were orginally there are gone due to converting it to a wmv file. This will distort appearances more than people realize.
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