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Originally Posted by jackson vile
Wrong again!

Did you even watch his serve? Notice the racket is brought up to low and that the racket arm never fully drops or relaxes?

He is bending the knees and stretching the hip (bowing)
Yes, we know that. The focus is on his toss position and his head. lol

When you go to drop the racket you are keeping the elbow of the racket arm down instead of letting it come up and back.

Look here for how to properly drop the racket and swing/pull upwards into the ball. It is frame by frame:

This is robbing you of all your energy you are attempting to put into your serve.
If he relaxed his shoulder more, used his non-dominant arm in the serve, he can get a better "Stretch" in the shoulder region and allow the arm to propel over a long distance allowing him to gain acceleration. Geeez, man, serving 101.

You need to worry about your timing and technique, so you do tempo training where you are staying as relaxed as possbile and not trying to hit the ball hard, just getting the motion and timing correct.
No kidding. The toss is critical and his head position in relation to the toss for timing. Again, serving 101.

Isn't that what I said? Relaxing? LOL
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