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Originally Posted by Bungalo Bill
Yes, we know that. The focus is on his toss position and his head. lol


If he relaxed his shoulder more, used his non-dominant arm in the serve, he can get a better "Stretch" in the shoulder region and allow the arm to propel over a long distance allowing him to gain acceleration. Geeez, man, serving 101.

No kidding. The toss is critical and his head position in relation to the toss for timing. Again, serving 101.

Isn't that what I said? Relaxing? LOL


The problem is the racket arm alone, it is too far behind the rest of the movements to even worry about them.

Everything is good at this stage but the racket arm is not being allowed to fallow the proper path.

Everthing else looks very nice and even better than the first video which was not too long ago.

He will serving amazingly in no time as long as he corrects what actually needs to be corrected.
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