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Originally Posted by jackson vile

The problem is the racket arm alone, it is too far behind the rest of the movements to even worry about them.

Everything is good at this stage but the racket arm is not being allowed to fallow the proper path.

Everthing else looks very nice and even better than the first video which was not too long ago.

He will serving amazingly in no time as long as he corrects what actually needs to be corrected.
LOL! Okay. Man, I really got under your skin. LOL

To the poster, as I said, work on really relaxing that shoulder area. It is too tight. Use the non-dominant arm to help accelerate that loose hitting arm. You definetly need more hip/leg/torso effort in your serve.

Watch your head that it doesn't come under the ball too much or your arm will stall a bit or slow down.
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