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Originally Posted by jackson vile
You can't debate a moron like you, cause you use moron logic LOL, further more you are the one that made the assertion that the TOES produce force in the serving motion.
LOL, well, once again, I have to show you what was said.

[i]"Originally Posted by jackson vile
The feet off the ground is just a result of the hitting action as the racket is pulled through the shot from what I understand, so the uper body bends forward and the lower body is thus moved upwards, combined with the original force that went upwards in the racket swinging up?

Bungalo Bill: It is not only an upward effort going to the ball but also a push from the toes to assist in the upward effort.

There for the burdon of proof is on you, that is how it works in the real wold.
LOL, figures, you have nothing. Already showed my evidence Einstein.

As for my points, pick up human bio-mechanics book, or better yet go to school and stop making youself look stooooopid LOL
Already have Einstein. the serve motion is not a pure jump. The server rolls onto the toes and the toes add lift-off or spring. It is painfully obvious that the toes, calves, thighs, hips, stomach, shoulders, arms, etc...are all part of the kinetic chain in a good pwerful serve.

Keep learning.
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