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Originally Posted by Trinity TC
Yep. You've got a solid foundation. Give yourself some credit and don't forget that you are doing a lot of things right. Get more aggressive (toss it waaay into the court until you can't almost can't stand it!) with the placement of the toss. Sorry about the basketball analogy but the first serve should feel more like taking off from the foul line and doing a slam dunk as opposed to standing under the hoop and laying the ball in.

You've got a good kinesthetic sense so tossing the ball further into the court will naturally create a cascade of changes:

1) Your head will automatically be in the right position relative to the toss
2) It will seem natural to take a bigger loop on the backswing in order to balance out the extra body lean that you get.
3) Your upper body and lower body will become more involved in the whole motion so you will gain a major increase in both linear and angular momentum in your swing.
4) Everybody will say, "good, you've corrected this and that...yadda, yadda, yadda" ...when all you've done is adjusted your ball toss and started to use your athletic ability a little more.

Take another video and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised number of changes that happened as a result of simply tossing the ball into the court another 14-18 inches. From there we can do some tweaking and maybe start working on service placement precision.

One more thing, aim for the baseline when you are starting out. If things go according to plan, the ball should start dipping and catch the service line after the first half dozen attempts. Don't overdo it and hurt your shoulder...ooops, that's two things.
Very good advice Trinity TC. Looks like you took all that was said and creatively encouraged the player and summarized the advice given quite well. Look forward to your future tips and suggestions.
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