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Originally Posted by Pistol_Pete

Are you only picking up these biomechanic books or are you actually reading them? If you are reading them, then it is a sad day for the field of human kinetics when you graduate. You are only book smart without any street sense. Yes, you can use those terms in your argument but your application of it is all wrong. You could only be right if you are referencing a flat footed serve that beginners tend to do. Maybe you serve that way. I don't know.


I agree. I don't see people leaving the ground on their heels or the balls of their feet. The last thing touching the ground ARE your toes. Maybe JV serves with his tibialis anterior, extensor hallicus longus and the peroneus tertius muscles flexed causing his feet and toes to point upward?

Wow you really proved BB's thesis You know little and it shows, do you even know what the argument is? Of course the plantor flexes, hip extends, and the knees flex, that is how the legs straighten, duh as with any extending movement of this type, other wise it is impossible. The fingers are the last thing to touch a discus, so by your reasoning that must mean that they are a prime mover

Is this you BB did you make up a new username how sad LOL

Oh and here to lay the smack down again

I email Mark from Revolutionary tennis and here is what he had to say

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i don't think the toes play a role in the serve, and i don't think i'd focus on the toes to tell you the truth 'cause other things are more important and need to be focused on. And about pushing off the ground with the legs and all, wait for the next serve step to clarify that more. Point is students go about it the wrong way, the jumping and all. Yes the legs do a little pushing, but that's not where it starts and how that all works.

thanks for the email.


Heck even Mark agrees with me, the toes of the foot do not produce any apreciable force and are only used inorder to transfer energy derived from the stretch shortening cycle of the muscles involved in the kenetic chain maximizing force applied. That is why the hip stretch is so important to the highest level of serving.

The movement is a bowing out so that force is generated forward upon release, snapping forward. It is all at his webiste, so dont' take my word for it.

Toes are indeed of no importance, read Mark website and learn a thing or two
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