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so i managed to record some vids tonight after work. they kinda suck since i had no energy at the end of the day and couldn't get my adrenaline pumping, but i figured i'd at least post something since there are so many on here who talk and have nothing to back it up.

i should point out that the balls i'm using belong to this facility and are pretty flat as i'm in a high pressure dome (i.e. the dome pressure is above atmospheric, therefore exerting more pressure on the balls making them less firm). basically, don't expect much. these serves are well below 120 mph i imagine.

and for fun, here's a preview of my groundstrokes. since i was the last person there after my shift, i didn't have a partner to hit with so obviously this isn't exactly how i hit, but it should be a decent indicator:

edited: i should mention i'm using the PS85 with luxilon strung at 58 lbs. I wouldn't be able to put brand new balls through a fence with this--I'd need my Babolat Pure Control for that--but slightly used balls would be no problem though.
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