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If everyone who follows these boards were to read the the USTA rating guidelines they would put themselves no lower than 3.5 and probably in the 4.0-4.5 range. Over the past couple of years USTA ratings are going down in my section. This is influenced to some extent by how teams from our section fare at the National playoffs. The result has been a steady dropping of ratings at all levels. At my club which has over 220 players their are no 4.5 rated women players any more and so few 4.0 rated women that they don't have enough players for a USTA team. There are only a couple of 4.5 men. IMO ratings have been pushed down too far. A pro at another club in my area is now rated 4.5 which is a joke. I am not sure what the USTA is trying to achieve by lowering ratings but I know many people, myself included, who believe the ratings are almost meaningless in terms of evaluating someone's tennis skills
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