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Default Making a good line-up for league play despite two weak players

I'm new around these parts, and I hope you all can help. So hello, everyone!

I'm a second-time adult league captain, and I'm setting my line-up for the season. The team is 5.5 combo (Don't laugh! We're trying to improve). The league is three doubles matches per outing, best 2 out of 3 wins.

There are four other teams in our division, and I would guess we are the second-strongest team, perhaps. There is no requirement that you play your strongest doubles teams at No. 1 doubles, but there is an unwritten expectation against stacking, and I intend to comply with it.

I have committed to play all of my players and give them their fair share of matches. Life would be easy if I could just bench the weak ones and play the strong ones, but that's not our mutual agreement. We'll have 12 team matches, and each of the two weak players must get 4 matches during the season.

How should I set my line-up given the presence of my two 2.5 players who struggle the most? Should I put four strong players on the No. 1 and No. 2 courts and put the two weakest players together on Court 3 for a "throwaway match"? Should I put one of the weakest players with the strongest player on Court 2 and hope for the best?

Any suggestions about how to minimize the effect of my two weakest players?

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