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Originally Posted by HyperHorse
If you have a huge serve, you dont really need great placement. I think you can get away with serving the ball @ 3 main spots.
Down the T, Into the Corner, and right @ the Body.

Nah, against a solid player a big server would get ripped apart espcially if they don't really have anything else in their arsenal. I've seen it happen time and time again. Big serves don't me squat if you can't place it. Case in point. I played D1, and in one of my very first matches we played against Centenary. I played in the #1 spot. Their #1 player was about 6'7" and he had without a doubt the biggest serve that I have ever faced. I mean the ball would go up for the toss and the next thing I know it was either in my face or past me. It was insane. I had my chances but I didn't take them. The match ended up being pretty close but I lost. But a few days later my friend who also played D1 who is better than me picked him apart. He was just blockin that stuff back and when that guy didn't hit a clean winner off the blocked return my friend surely did. I have also seen it here. The old number one player for the University here didn't have a big serve and was just good all around played against anotherr former player who was #3. And just looking at them warm up esp. serves you would think well this other guy without the huge serve is going to get worked. The #3 guy was about 6'6" and had the highest recorded serve at UNM, 127 mph. Know what the score was when the both made it to the finals of the the tournament. Big server guy got owned, 6-2, 6-2.
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