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Originally Posted by Geezer Guy
My only comment is that in my years of league play it's been my observation that most captains RARELY put their worst team on court 3 and their best team on court 1. If you put your worst team on court 3 hoping they'll face your opponents worst team, it probably won't happen.
My experience captaining low level (2.5, 3.0, 3.5) women is that usually they get extremely mad at you if they think you are sacrificing them to get a win, especially if you don't warn them first. If you put them on court 3 they might end up playing the first or second team, but it won't be your fault. I've also found that sometimes it doesn't matter what court you put ladies on, they will be absolutely sure they got the best players from the other team.

Just remember, this is 5.5 combo. I'd go for playing real 5.5 combos and seeing if they can eek out a win on their own merits. I wouldn't put the best 3.0s with them, unless that is their best friend, because a team is only as good as it's weakest player. But I'd put players with them that can encourage them, and make it a positive experience even if they don't win. If your team agreed on the 4 games per player minimum they aren't going for Sectionals, and they aren't going to be expecting you to romp through the league.

I gotta say, when I was sitting there at Sectionals and they would call out our names followed by 5.5 combo I was just embarrassed. My personal opinion is anything beyond local playoffs for these rated leagues is pretty silly, I mean who am I going to impress saying I'm the 2.5 or even 3.5 National champions. No one outside of tennis even knows what that means. And most inside tennis know it means you are the best mediocre tennis team in the Nation, good for you. All the "free" t-shirts and glory of, well, in NorCal it was a weekend in Fresno, is not worth discouraging new players. They will get better, and you may need them someday.
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