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Originally Posted by AJK1
Imagine how fast you would serve if you had a nice serve action. There's alot of problems there, one being you are trying to look and serve like sampras, and what is it with using everything he used? Seems a bit odd to me. Why don't you be yourself, not try to be someone else? Not sure how fast i serve, but it's a heck of a lot faster than that, sure you set that thing properly?
that's exactly what i was thinking....

that definitely didnt look like a serve in the 100s. because if that was 108, my second serve is at least 100mph...which i know is not. the thing that i find is not only the sound coming off the strings (it's not the loudness but the pitch) and how slow the ball is going for a "108 mph serve" but it's how windy it is in all your videos. im not trying to be detrimental here....but the guy i played had his serve clocked at one of the ATP or WTA tournaments in LA and his first serve was like 108...and i can tell you that your serve does not have as much pace as his....
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