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Originally Posted by ZPTennis
I love it

I feel special being mentioned in one of the videos. lol

drakulie, you don't sound so bad. maybe under the right circumstances we'd get along.

As far as my opinion of the video, you have a nice serve. But i do think the amateur video does make serves look slower than they do in person. thank you for sharing that with us.
Hey ZP, I thought you would get a kick out of that! I actually pulled the ligament in the arch of my left foot a few days ago, so have been in a lot of pain. It affects the uncoling into the serve, and my landing-so no follow thru.

But I decided to record some serves and post them. I didn't want you to think I was dodging you. LOL.

We definitely should hit if you ever come to Miami, or I am in clearwater. I already met one guy from the boards (No Skillz). Nice guy. We have hit a few times.

Thanks for your reply, and glad you liked your name being mentioned. Hope I don't get sued for copyright stuff. LOL
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