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Originally Posted by drakulie
Hey ZP, I thought you would get a kick out of that! I actually pulled the ligament in the arch of my left foot a few days ago, so have been in a lot of pain. It affects the uncoling into the serve, and my landing-so no follow thru.

But I decided to record some serves and post them. I didn't want you to think I was dodging you. LOL.

We definitely should hit if you ever come to Miami, or I am in clearwater. I already met one guy from the boards (No Skillz). Nice guy. We have hit a few times.

Thanks for your reply, and glad you liked your name being mentioned. Hope I don't get sued for copyright stuff. LOL

yeah. it does look like you could normally go after the ball a little more. That must hurt. I've never injured my foot before. it sounds like a strange injury.

Once in a while I do go to Miami. I'll definitely let you know ahead of time if I ever plan another trip. Or if your ever up here we could hit also.

now i want my own radar too. good stuff.

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