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Originally Posted by FitzRoy
Incredible. He posts it with a radar gun and people still insist that they can tell the serve isn't 100+ by watching the video. I think this certainly proves at least one thing: people can't tell how fast a serve is on home-made video. Pretty ironic that you were saying ZPT's serves couldn't be 125, drak, and then you post your video with a freaking radar gun and have disbelievers.

Nice serve BTW. You've got me curious as to the speed of mine. I'd always estimated low 90s, but I wonder if I can crack 100.
Yeah, it has been pretty funny to say the least. Like I said earlier in this thread these boards are harsh (I can definitley be one of them)!

I actually took it the other day to the league where I play. After all the matches, I pulled it out to see who could break the 100 barrier. In the 3.5-4.0 league nobody broke 100. If I remember correctly one guy hit low 90's. Everyone else in the 80's and lower. Mind you, all these guys are always talking about how they serve 100, yada yada yada, and thought they could easily hit 100. After they took their turns they were surpsised and shocked to see how hard it is even to hit 90.

4.5-5.0 League, a few of the guys broke the 100 barrier, including a few of the 5.0 players hit the 110 mark. Some of the 4.5's also thought they had 100+ mph serves, and were shocked to see they could not reach it.
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