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Originally Posted by drakulie
What more do you want? I hit the serve, walked up to the radar and hit the recall button. I show you in the vid the serves are being tracked with the MPH and not the Kilometer Per Hour.

Oddly enough, I took some videos of my serve from an angle rather than directly behind me, and they looked a lot faster. In fact, the camera doesn't really do a good job of tracking the ball. I would suppose it is kind of like when you watch tennis on TV. The serves don't look so fast because you are watching from behind the server. So you really don't get a good gauge of the ball speeding away like you would if it was at an angle.
ok then.

BTW i will be visiting some of friends in my miami (maybe two weeks from now). It would be nice if we could have a friendly match.

Hope by that time your injury will be completely healed.
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