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Originally Posted by drakulie
Orangeone, here is a post (post #63) from someone who has played against me. Everyone I have played says the same thing. They could hear the buzzing as the ball approaches them. All my serves have a lot of spin.
Really sorry mate, but my issue is with the word ALL and the word LOT. From which perspective do you want me to reply?

Raw Speed

Notice how your speed dropped by over 20 mph from your bombs to your topspin serve you've just posted? (108 to 84?). That's the spin. That's some of your effort focussing on rotating the ball instead of just propelling it. It's the ball taking a curve through the air, instead of just ripping through it. It happens to all of us.

Serves you just posted as proof

Looking at the three serves you just posted (which were all slower than your big bombs from yesterday / the day before), the 84 was the only one that was really moving, although the other two did have some bite. They're still down 10mph on the flat bombs from the day before.

Many years of playing

Someone who has been playing for many years doesn't read the ball as much as they read the serve. You need to read the serve for a serve such as yours (or mine, or many other people with big serves), because the ball is on you too quick to just read the ball. Watching your serves from yesterday again, that was a motion that produces a pretty flat, fast ball. I've seen it before, I know what to expect.

For the record

You have a nice serve, that seems very solid & (from what we've seen) you have good placement control too. It's got pace, it's been timed at over 100mph, and (to me) it seems that fast. You also have a nice topspin serve. But all I ask is realism - ALL of your serves do not have a LOT of spin on them, a quick look at the motion and the trajectory reveals that. That doesn't make it a bad thing, it just makes you human like the rest of us (including Federer). Our fastest serves have not too much spin on them, and the more spin we add, the (relatively) slower our serves get.

Want the flip-side? If ALL of your serves DO have a LOT of spin on them, why haven't you gone out and cracked a 120 flat bomb, which should be easily possible if you can put down a 108 with a LOT of spin? (I'm not being a hater here, just trying to show the devil's advocate side).

As for:

They could hear the buzzing as the ball approaches them.
I'm off to email some mates and ask some club-mates on the weekend if they've heard mine buzz, I'll also be listening carefully to the serves of others. Thankfully there's an Open on too - so there'll be some 200k monster-servers present to stand on the fence for and have a listen to!
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