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Orange, thanks for the input. I agree with you to certain degrees. A couple of things to keep in mind. I'm not tall, I'm 5'9". If i hit completely flat serves with very little spin, I wouldn't be able to get the ball in the box very often. I would have to hit serves that barely skim the net. Just a fact of life. (sucks to be short).

Second thing is that although the serves I posted today are slower on the radar, you need to keep in mind the radar is much further away than the ones I posted yesterday. The radar on yesterdays serves are a few feet in front of the net facing me. The ones I posted today, the radar is halfway up the service line on the other side of the net. That is a huge difference, as this radar does not pick up the speed immediately after impact, rather when it approaches an area in front of the radar. So you have to account for that.

I too have hit against guys who serve 110- 120, etc. Some of them hit extremely flat and you hear that loud pop, but in these cases if they do not put a lot of spin on the ball I don't hear the buzzing.

On the other hand, I have hit with guys who hit in the 90's with ridiculous spin and I could clearly hear the buzzing.

Just something to think about. Peace, and again thanks for your input.
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