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Originally Posted by drakulie
I'm not tall, I'm 5'9". If i hit completely flat serves with very little spin, I wouldn't be able to get the ball in the box very often. I would have to hit serves that barely skim the net. Just a fact of life. (sucks to be short).
Point taken . I'm 6'2.5", and cranking big serves comes easier. There's downsides too - fitting in aeroplane seats / small cars / many beds / etc etc - I'd rather be you than me!

Second thing is that although the serves I posted today are slower on the radar, you need to keep in mind the radar is much further away than the ones I posted yesterday.
Yup - I see and agree with what you're saying here.

On the other hand, I have hit with guys who hit in the 90's with ridiculous spin and I could clearly hear the buzzing.
I am known for saying I'm a bit deaf (and maybe I am ), so I really can't wait for the weekend to listen carefully and ask some people.

Just something to think about. Peace, and again thanks for your input.
Right back at you. I like discussions that can be had in detail with sane people, sometimes they're hard to find on here. Now.... I need to find myself a radar gun. That toy looks way too cool!
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