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Originally Posted by Duzza
the thread "what nrtp rating are you". You and 2 other idiots said 7.0
Actually, I mistakenly hit the wrong button, and it does not allow you to go back and change it. Here is my post from that thread:

Originally Posted by drakulie

On bad days: .00000000000005

Originally Posted by Duzza
On another note work we have one the same as yours. Whenever i pull it out it just continuously shows random there something wrong with it?
You have to put it in "pro mode" or it will pick up every movement. A hand, someone walking, etc.

Turn the machine on. Push the mph and recall button at the same time and it will only show movements going over 35 mph. In my videos, you will notice when the mph light blinks, there is also another light blinking underneath where the numbers are displayed. This means it is in pro mode.
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