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Originally Posted by drakulie
You have to put it in "pro mode" or it will pick up every movement. A hand, someone walking, etc.

Turn the machine on. Push the mph and recall button at the same time and it will only show movements going over 35 mph. In my videos, you will notice when the mph light blinks, there is also another light blinking underneath where the numbers are displayed. This means it is in pro mode.
I used to have one that looked and worked exactly like this, except it had the brand name SpeedCheck. I used it for cricket, which is what I played until last year when I switched to Tennis.

I felt it understated the speeds(or the speeds you see on TV are overstated). I have a good throwing arm, can throw a cricket ball(roughly like a baseball, but fractionally heavier and harder) 75 yards(225 ft) in the air, but the best throwing speed I could ever clock was 74 mph.

In terms of bowling speeds, the fastest in my team was only 68 mph, and a "first class"(cricket equivalent of a NTRP 6.5) fast bowler reached only 71 mph. But when you watch international matches on TV, the fastest bowlers are between 95 and 100, and even part-time bowlers who just jog in and turn their arm are in the high 70s.
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