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Ohhh? I used The Physics and Technology of Tennis as my reference. It refers to the swingweight being measured from four inches. So if you have a problem, take it up with Messr's Brody, Lindsay, and Cross. I do, but I just worked around it. (specifically, their change-in-swingweight formula was HORRIBLY inaccurate, but for the simplest of reasons.)

Now, AJK1, that sounds like a pretty agressive statement. Back it up. Give me exacts. I want my output to be statistically perfect, so give me numbers. Give me examples.


If my formula's wrong in theory, then I challenge you to provide me a better one. It'll probably take you about a day. If only in technicality, then where is my fault? I worked a lot harder on my product than you did on your trolling, so you cite your facts.
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