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@ AJK1: The assertion that I have ever tried to put myself forth as an expert is fallacious. I'm a high school student, at a public high school near Detroit. I've made no claim at any of my own knowledge, except this one piece of work, which is a work in progress. All my other assertions are made on other people's word which I believed above yours.

However, you haven't the right to assert anything without proving it. So if you won't prove it, then keep your mouth shut.

@ Nikolah: Static Weight may have an effect on stability, but I think that there is no direct correlation. Consider, for instance, the effects of adding 4 oz to the butt end of your racquet. I've done it before, it doesn't add any considerable stability or power. In fact, I lost some stability. So take that idea with a grain of salt.

@ Duzza: The locations are measured in CM from the butt end, and they're the center of mass. So if you were to add the weight in 4 inch strips, you'd start 2 inches below the reccomended position. I'd also suggest rounding up to one decimal place, so that it's easier to find.

@ Greg Raven: As I've said a few times, I'm not done yet, because my formulae are the tiniest bit off. I don't see where it is, but I know it's there because in my tests, my swingweight usually ended off by about .23 points, hence not perfect. And the Effective Mass formula is calculated badly somewhere, I don't know where. I got it right on paper, but on Excel I had trouble with it. So regarding that issue: Agreed. Effective Mass is wrong.

As to my formulae in the rest of the spreadsheet, I think they need some tweaking, and I don't know why yours say so differently (as the difference is pretty huge) but they are pretty close.
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