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Originally Posted by AJK1
Amone, i don't have to prove anything to you, my racquet tech's knowledge is all the proof i need. To other kids on these boards you might sound important and smart, but to me you and your statements are just full of holes. Even Greg Raven is telling you it's all wrong, your figures suck.
AJK1 - I hate to respond to such a blatant flame, but weren't you the one who several weeks ago posted that adding weight to the butt of a racquet reduced the swingweight (a blatantly and obviously false statement)? To me that brings your credibility into question when you accuse someone else of making statements that are "full of holes". Did you get that info from your racquet tech as well? And honestly, I don't know why you're coming after Amone here. I don't really see him making any bold statements - he's simply taken formulas provided by others and tried to make a spreadsheet for people to more easily utilize said formulas. Where's the harm in that? If, as you say, this is all horribly false information, then at worst people who try to use it will waste a few dollars on lead tape and then abandon the experiment. Your point seems to be that this is all worthless; if that's the case, then you probably don't need to post anything other than "This info is worthless". You've used a lot more space but you really haven't said anything other than that. So, essentially, you think this is worthless. Ok, I think we get it.
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