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Originally Posted by AJK1
I corrected myself with the SW thing, to say hitting weight, so what's your point?
I think my point was simple and quite clear. You're saying that you don't like people posting incorrect stuff; I pointed out a mistake which you made. People told you what was wrong and you fixed it. What you've done is say that Amone is wrong without offering anything to help him improve it. You haven't even said what exactly you thought was flawed about it. Amone's biggest obvious mistake was that he used 10.16cm instead of 10cm; Greg Raven pointed it out, not to sharpshoot Amone's post, but to help him make a more accurate spreadsheet. That's the difference between what your posts are and what his posts are.

Originally Posted by AJK1
And i do give facts, eg. you're formulas are wrong for a start! Oh, and can you guys learn to spell properly, trying to get credibility is much harder when you show people you can't spell.
I assume you're including me in this spelling comment, though I can't fathom why. I'm sure I've made a few spelling errors from time to time, but I don't think I'm exactly firing off a litany of them such that my credibility is going to be tarnished. FWIW, I can clearly see 4 errors in usage/grammar on your part in that one small quote, which is somewhat ironic considering the message.
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