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Originally Posted by andrew_b
OK, help please? First, though, thanks for taking the time to provide this to the community! You've obviously put a bitof work into it, and you're not afraid to admit parts have discrepancies and to work to address them.

So, I played with it with my racket settings and a setup I'd like to try out:

weight: 340.48g
Balance: 32
Swingweight: 335

Final weight: 352.48
Final balance: 32
Final swingweight: 365
weight mass 1: 7
weight mass 2: 5

The above give me locations of (roughly) 14 and 57, which is OK.

I, too, get a pretty big difference in swingweight when I plug the starting values, weights, and locations into Steve's spreadsheet. It ends up saying the swingweight is 346.

Sorry I can't post the images like someone else did, don't know how to do that. Any idea why the swingweights are so different, or which one is closer?

Andrew, if the 2 spreadsheets don't agree then it's impossible I've found. If you try to get too big a swingweight it may not work and Steves spread is pretty accurate(to about 0.03 off) so 2 things you can do: Lower the desired swingweight unfortunately, or mess around with the mass in location 1(the one in white) until both spreadsheets agree
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