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Originally Posted by malakas
lol yeah.. Croatia does have a tradition in tennis,but what I meant to say is....smaller nations,who don't have as many successes in sports as for example USA etc,tend to be more..ehm.."patriotic" when it comes to sports.

lol Just count how many cypriot and greek posters have suddendly come to MTF or TW after February..
Yeah - it's common everywhere!
Take a (well-known) sport not famous in a given country - take a team or player of that country, who comes out and wins all of a sudden against some of the best players world-wide and the hype will start. And with the hype goes the bandwaggon!
Fans will pop out - many of them will be there just as long as the team/player wins, but some (or some more ) will grow a liking to the sport itself and other players and thus, new true fans of the sport are born, which (hopefully) leads to more players from this country and more bandwaggons as well.
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