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Originally Posted by Nadal_Freak
Wow you are so wrong it isn't even funny. Federer dominates the faster surfaces because not only he has a remarkable return of serve but his own serve he gets easy free points. His backhand is less vulnerable on a fast surface as well. The only person that a faster surface could hurt Federer is Sampras at his prime and even than Federer was able to beat at Wimbledon before Federer became dominant.
I know it could sound so wrong.

Federer's game is very neutral. IMHO, his game suit best on medium
speed surface and can also do well on very slow and fast courts.

Again, the word "fast" is relative term. Compared to 90's grass and carpet surface,
current Wimbledon grass and US Open hard courts are "slower".
Relatively speaking, these are now "medium" speed court.

We do not know how Federer would play on truely fast courts.
Because he started his dominance in 2003 when US Open and Wimbledon got much much slower.

This is era of slow surface, relatively speaking.
Federer and Nadal arrived as 2 dominant players of this era.
I classify both of them as relatively "slow" surface player if you
consider them in longer history of tennis..
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