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Hi Duzza
Hope you find it useful.
what is the quality index?

Also i didnt like the way it rounds up on grams added and fyi a standard racquet is actually 68.58 cm
Actually not... I measure the racauet and use the actual length in cm's and mms.

why would you remove the grip and not add a new one on?
Two reason, to remove abut 13gm from the total weight, and hence give me more room to customise before coming up against my total weight, if the total weight is 343gm and my target total is 346, I can only add 3 gram to the racquet, not much of an adjustment. If I remove the grip, I now get about 16 gram to add anywhere to achieve my atarget weight. Second reason is that I like the feel of the 'sharper edges of the handle with just an overgrip only. It feels to me easier to change grip positons. Personal preference. I buy a 4 5/8, then take off the grip, add an overgrip and have a 4 1/2 handle.

And why does, with the balance if you have 12.5 inch balance equal 8.5 points? If its a standard 27 inch racquet surely the balance is (13.5-12.5)*8?
Easy answer, just adjust the Racquet lenght field to 69cm , if it is a 27" racquet. THat example is 68.58cm ie not 27". hence the discrepancy

Also this one also involves trial and error unlike Amones. Maybe if you asked him if you could include his work in yours? What i mean is with Amones you can choose the desired swingweight, balance and then mix around with the 1st location of weight until you find places that work.
I find trial and error not too hard. I know how much weight I have to play with ie 330 starting weight, aiming for 346, I know I have to add 16 gm.
Preference is at least 6gm at 3/9 for stabilty, then I play with thel last 10 to get the total swingweight and balance, which is the juggle. Try it, not too time consuming.
Regards Stuart
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