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Originally Posted by tricky
It's not so much that in itself, but tennis is unique in that it's one-on-one sport, played in an arena (thus spectator-around-stage setup), where competitors are not locked into a clock. What this means is that you have a point play and them a period of reaction/reflection, then you recommence with the next point. In other words, like baseball, you are allowed to process the game as a series of crisp give-and-take. After key or well-played points, the audience gets to see emotional and other reactions by the players. Body language, screams, and all that. In something like boxing or any time-based sport, it's impossible for the player to do that. Moreover when you do have a player who appeals to the audience, the effect in tennis is actually very strong. Golf works this way too, but golf does not directly involve an exchange between two people.
Ok but what's your point here ?

In other words, the very things that diminsh the quality or even purity of gameplay enhances it as a "TV show."

Hmm, about your Cowboys fixation . . .
Alright I understand and agree with this. It's showbiz my friend. That's why the ladies wearing the shortest skirts get the most airtime. That's why the antics not only get airtime but replay as well. And I'm not necessarily against it. I realize that true diehard traditional Tennis Fans will stone me for that statement and tend to appreciate Wimbledon over all other Majors. They hold fast to the notion that the quality of the Sport sells itself. Well that maybe but you ain't gonna get some Dude who's the Marketing Manager for Cannon to agree with that. He's figured out that showing those long beautiful legs of Sharapova will push more Cameras. But I wonder if the Stats prove him right?
I mean there are a lot probably more women who buy Cameras than men on that scale. And I would venture a guess they aren't impressed with Maria's legs. But anything and/or anyone who creates controversy that's not criminal of course, will get some sort of deal thrown at them. Because when their face is shown on TV, people pay attention and anyone who gets people to pay attention is money in the bank. Andre Agassi had it .. Pete Sampras didn't. Roger Federer doesn't either but I'd bet you Rafa does.

See, now you're just breaking my heart. A Niners fan who switches over to the Enemy? Oh well, if TO can do it, I suppose ex-Niners fans can too.
I was never really a Niners Fan. I watched them but could care less who won their games. Yes, I guess I could call myself a Rads Fan at one point having grown up in the East Bay but when they moved to LA, that sealed the deal for me. I hated them .. no Fan loyalty in my eyes.

It's going to be a long season of misery if Tuna & Co. are hanging their hopes & Dreams on T.O. solely. They better pass that ball around and get everybody involved because TO (good as he is) is not going to be the Savior of Dallas. He's not made that way. As much as he complains, he needs a supporting cast. McNabb allowed him to get under his skin. Bledsoe will not allow TO to get to him. You will never see sideline conversations like TO had with McNabb.
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