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  1. Bender
    I am the greetest
  2. (o)COBRA(o)
    (o)COBRA(o) paulie-japan
    Hey, I saw you had a custom racquet from Yonex. Do they offer this service to anyone, I don’t see it on their website. Thanks.
  3. paranoidandroid
    paranoidandroid Doctor/Lawyer Red Devil
    Happy birthday! :P
    1. Doctor/Lawyer Red Devil
      Doctor/Lawyer Red Devil
      Thanks, Mr Jordan! :)
      Sep 19, 2018 at 3:23 PM
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    2. paranoidandroid
      I wish I had a more masculine name. I don’t like that women can also be called Jordan. :D
      Sep 19, 2018 at 3:28 PM
    3. Poisoned Slice
      Poisoned Slice
      Happy Birthday.
      Sep 19, 2018 at 3:47 PM
  4. Im(moral) Winner
    Im(moral) Winner WhiskeyEE
    0-25 now with him skipping Beijing.
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    2. WhiskeyEE
      lol. I might get around to updating it now.
      Sep 19, 2018 at 7:18 AM
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  5. Mkiske
    1x Prince Phantom Pro 100P 2x Wilson Ultra 100
  6. Kdude
    Kdude SavvyStringer
    Hi ! What Alpha machine are you using? I was thinking Alpha ELS progression. Any thoughts or comments on this machine? I'm do about 10 racquets a month. I was going to order the Neos 1500 but i can't find one. Thanks Howard
    1. SavvyStringer
      I have an Alpha Ghost. It is currently sitting in a spare bedroom in a closet. I use a Baiardo full time now. The Ghost never let me down or gave me any problems at all, I just got a good deal on the Wilson and switched. I'm actually going to be taking the Alpha out this weekend to string a tournament and will be using the Wilson at home during the same time frame.
      Sep 17, 2018 at 5:28 AM
  7. MattCrosby
    I have a big shoe collection
  8. Devin
  9. Devin
    1. paranoidandroid
      Sep 15, 2018 at 6:49 AM
    2. StANDAA
      Sep 15, 2018 at 8:09 AM
  10. purple-n-gold
  11. MonkeyMuggs
    MonkeyMuggs Shroud
    Just saw your message Shroud. Lets play man!! Don't want to publicly post my phone #. Trying to find a way to privately message you.
    1. Shroud
      Sent you a pm. Did you get it?
      Sep 17, 2018 at 9:23 AM
  12. Enga
  13. BrokenGears
    Let's aim to retake the AO title Nole!
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    2. paranoidandroid
      CYGS is inevitable.
      Sep 13, 2018 at 11:27 AM
    3. Federer and Del Potro
      Federer and Del Potro
      Djokovic 2019 Australian Open Champ.

      Slam race back ONLINE.
      Sep 19, 2018 at 7:24 AM
  14. Cpt. Rogers
    Cpt. Rogers
    Keeping it great since 78.
  15. dciksh
    dciksh davidusc

    I am interest in buying the yonex ezone dr 98. I'm in Maryland. Where are you located?
  16. ChaelAZ
    Off for tennis. Sweaty, hot tennis!
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    2. MichaelNadal
      Yes to the slay-vatar :)
      Sep 12, 2018
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  17. Q&M son
    Q&M son
    Idemo Nole!
  18. OnTheLine
    I do ... but have no idea how to make it post!
    1. Polopki
      Sep 10, 2018
  19. Federer and Del Potro
    Federer and Del Potro
    Djokovic is an inspirational bloke in my opinion. It's one thing to hit the summit, it's another to hit it again after being thrown off it.
    1. Poisoned Slice
      Poisoned Slice
      Hell yeah. And on that note, Manure to rise again and become Man United. :)
      Sep 10, 2018
  20. Polopki
    Polopki OnTheLine
    Hello. Do you have picture from Grigor and Agassi
  21. marianix
    marianix Jonathan P.
    Hi Jonathan :)
    You wrote that you use vs touch+RPM hybrid. Could you tell me how many hours it works?

    Best regards!
    1. Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P.
      Hi, it play great right out of the stringing machine until it breaks at around 12h mark (10-14 on average). I use VS on the mains #54 and RPM on the crossed at #52.
      Sep 11, 2018
  22. DJ-
  23. Jezza94
    Federer (20) - Nadal (17) - Djokovic (14)
  24. Rafa.the.Magnificent
    Following tennis around the world
  25. OldschoolKlaus
    TTW at its best: Nonstop nonesense in general player section. Serious business in the equipment section. LOVE IT.
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  26. BrokenGears
    @Federer and Del Potro predicted the Wimbledon win of Djokovic back in June, can he get the USO win right as well?
    1. Federer and Del Potro
      Federer and Del Potro
      Holy crap lol
      Sep 8, 2018
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    2. BrokenGears
      The new sexy suri, no? Only the predictions are actually right!
      Sep 8, 2018
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  27. Rafa.the.Magnificent
    Rafa.the.Magnificent ak24alive
    Yes, that movie is superb!
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    2. ak24alive
      Just googled up The Wrong Man. Henry Fonda and Alfred Hitchcock. Sounds awesome. Some negative reviews but I don't mind that. Going to watch it soon.
      Sep 8, 2018
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    3. StANDAA
      Hitchcock is awesome. GOAT director
      Sep 8, 2018
  28. Rafa.the.Magnificent
    Rafa.the.Magnificent ak24alive
    Love your avatar! The Wrong Man or 12 Angry Men?
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    2. ak24alive
      12 Angry Men. One of my absolute favorites.
      Sep 8, 2018
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  29. Q&M son
    Q&M son
    Idemo Nole!!
  30. CHtennis
    CHtennis RJB11
    I know a guy that would be good to hit with named Adam in Kent. He is a tennis pro in the area but is always looking to hit with people.
  31. Marcin
  32. Sport
    Sport Towser83
    Hey my friend, did they delete the thread where we were discussing about Wimbledon 2007 and Wimbledon 2008? I can't find it!!
    1. Towser83
      Yeah I think they did. Which seemed a little extreme! But yes I went to click on your reply and the link didn't work so I assume the mods took it down
      Sep 5, 2018
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  33. ChaelAZ
    Anyone actually read these?
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    2. MichaelNadal
      SlaelAZ :)
      Sep 5, 2018
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    3. ChaelAZ
      Yes sir, Mr MichaelNadal.
      Sep 5, 2018
    4. MRfStop
      Sep 7, 2018
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  34. robincarlin
    1. TahoeTennis
      Millman, no?
      Sep 4, 2018
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  35. OldschoolKlaus
    A good forum is so much enjoyment and fun ... too bad many of those died with Facebook etc.
  36. SpinToWin
    Clearly haven’t had enough summer sun - off to Greece! :D
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  37. BrokenGears
    BrokenGears Meles
    Which goats do you bust?
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    3. Meles
      Murray was my favorite until 2014 fall. Tremendous 2016 for the Muzziah and can't blame him for the ultimate cost. Murray was dumb too playing with a bad elbow in 2017 and then the hip issue. Hope he comes back, but this Summer of pushery does not bode well. A lot of powerful players today that can hit through Murray so he really must find another way.
      Sep 3, 2018
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    4. paranoidandroid
      Meles is a secret Fraud fan :D
      Sep 3, 2018
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    5. Meles
      I'm torn on how to cheer for if that match goes down. If Thiem beats Nadal it will definitely be Fed hehe.
      Sep 3, 2018
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  38. Devin
    Imagine if PETE was playing in this era ROFLMAO
  39. TheAverageFedererFan
  40. Red Rick
  41. Red Rick
    Red Rick ak24alive
    You know what we are?
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    3. Red Rick
      Red Rick
      Now we are 3 of a Paire
      Aug 30, 2018
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    4. FedFosterWallace
      We're partridges in a Paire tree.
      Aug 30, 2018
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    5. ak24alive
      We are the real Big3.
      Aug 30, 2018
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  42. Red Rick
    Red Rick
    "Do you have a busted flush"
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    2. Red Rick
      Red Rick
      "No, I have a Paire"
      Aug 30, 2018
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  43. kmocho
    kmocho abllee2198
    Hello, my name is Peter. In discusion board told me You help me. I have problem with buzzer on babolat star5. I set beep ON or beep OFF - without any sound. I was completly removing power cable for 30 minuts and go to the menu - I can set on or off. Machine work perfect but without beep.... it worked long time normaly with sound. Do you have somebody this problem? On display i have not any error code.
    Thanks. Peter
  44. Raining hopes
    Raining hopes
    Rebellion is easy. Persistence is not.
  45. Spiny
    Spiny Marcin
    Hi, are you still on forum?
  46. TennisHound
    TennisHound Gorecki
    What country are you from?
    1. Gorecki
      i was born in Nuniabusiness, Republic of Notrelevantia, and currently reside in Mindyourownstuffopolis
      Aug 30, 2018
  47. Sport
    Sport ak24alive
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    2. ak24alive
      Have watched it already. Fun movie. Thanks for the recommendation.
      Here's my recommendation for you : The Usual Suspects.
      Aug 29, 2018
    3. Sport
      I haven't seen it yet! I will add it to my list of must-watch.
      Aug 29, 2018
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  48. AnOctorokForDinner
    The painis mightier than the sword.
  49. Red Rick
    Red Rick ak24alive
    Nothing on television beats House finding out Wilson has cancer and House playing battleshots and choosing B-9.
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  50. BorgCash
    BorgCash kicker
    Hi, interesting in yours Yonex RQ-380, please contact me inbox. Thank you.