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    Question about Head Gravity Tour (Non-US Release)?

    Any news on this? Seems like the tour is the Goldilocks of the bunch.
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    Waiting for demos 11+ days

    I've had this experience too and have cancelled two orders because they were never shipped. I just learned that TW doesn't hold demo racquets for your order, so if you have 4 on order and they are popular, chances are they're going to ship the in-stock racquets to another customer before your...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    Hey Guys, can anybody who has owned this racquet for a while comment on whether it's a "string eater?" I hit with the TT100P and really liked it, but was netting some backhands due to a lower launch angle then my current racquet. Thinking of trying the open pattern, but I hit with a lot of spin...
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    +1 Hope they didn't ruin it with the new version.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Clash

    I hit with the Clash Tour strung with Head Hawk touch at 52 lbs on Tuesday evening and I was really shocked at how stiff the racquet played with all of the hype around how flexible it is. Not sure how my experience is so different from everybody else's, but I was actually starting to worry about...
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    I thought details were supposed to be released today. I did find this -
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    Wilson Clash: New mould or old frame re-done?

    Details on Rakuten -
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    2019 Wilson Racquets?

    Thanks, Brittany!
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    Tennis Warehouse: Volkl V-Feel V1 Playtest

    Dumb question, how do you actually apply to be a playtester - just reply on one of these threads when they pop-up or something else? i saw the requirements, but not how to apply.
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    Bab. Pure Strike Project kills your arm. . . eventually?

    Also, I think this is a good example that stiffness rating isn't the only factor in what makes a racquet arm friendly. I'm demo'ing the Prince Tour 100P and it's rating is very similar, but it certainly feels much more arm friendly. I guess we'll have to see what the feedback is after its been...
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    2019 Wilson Racquets?

    What's in store from Wilson in 2019? Aside from the Clash line and the Ultra 95, is Wilson updating any of the other lines this year like the Blade or Prostaff lines? Are there other lines being introduced? Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find a definitive answer...
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    Bab. Pure Strike Project kills your arm. . . eventually?

    I noticed that when I hit the sweet spot it was fine, but if I hit even a tad outside of it toward the tip, I got a big shock to my elbow. Babolat went wrong when they introduced GT (graphite tungsten). Before then, I could play with all of their racquets without pain and many of them were even...
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    Bab. Pure Strike Project kills your arm. . . eventually?

    I played with it for months with a hybrid setup and eventually developed tennis elbow, which I've never had. Switched racquets and it went away eventually. The reports are real.
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