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    Magnetic bracelets?

    Mardy Fish has been wearing the power balance since queens, and he has been playing well. querry also wore the bracelet at queens and beat fish in the final. Lopez was wearing one at wimbledon. i wear it and you do have better balance and feel more centered than you would otherwise feel.
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    Gianni Mina or Bernard Tomic... More Talented?

    Mina has the ugliest game i've ever seen. He looked like he was going to fall over when he followed through on a stroke.
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    who has the best one hand backhand last 20 years?

    Gasquet can hit through his with more pop and control than most dudes with two palms
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    Best Pure Ball Hitter ever

    although agassi perhaps had the best ball striking ever, i believe now that federer might have the superior hand eye cordination. regard, agassi could take it off the rise and go toe to toe in rallies but fed can do the half volley off the baseline, and he can do the touch volley at the net or...
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    Best Ballstriker today?

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    While achievement wise Safin not the greatest ever, but talent wise maybe he is?

    I think Safin ranks among the greatest talents in tennis for sure. When you talk about a guy who is 6'4, very strong and trim, and can move well for his size and his stroke mechanics, his one of the most talented players. Ball striking, great serve motion, one of the best two handers, and...
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    Roddick to wear Bablolat clothing in 2010

    its bout time, hes not lacoste material ya know. cornhusker guy who lives in austin is wearing french athletic wear? he looked better and played better with reebok. lacoste if for guys with flair like gasquet not a brick layer like roddick. gilles simon would be a good lacoste player i would think
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    Roger Federer 2009 Wimbledon champion!

    yea just like nadal 2009 french open champ.
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    Murray's Wimbledon Gear

    haha WASPS still want to dominate tennis
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    ESPN Skip Bayless states, Roger Federer WIN was a HOLLOW Win, won by Default. LOL

    skip bayless is your typical angry white american male who can never admire a sport that does not involve rough physical contact
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    What Fed needs to do next

    a davis cup would be nice, he and stan could do it. thats 2 matches locked for each match. ya heard?
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    If Fed wins the French, where will he end up on your GOAT list?

    as of right now hes third after laver and sampras for me. if he wins the french on sunday, he and laver are 1a. and 1b. in my book.
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    Toughest opponent to Federer left in the tournament

    monfils could be dangerous, he runs down alot of balls, and he took fed far in last years SF
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    ""I support him. I'm certain that he's not taking anything," Says Rafa of Gasquet

    Gasquet Probrably Drank Some Red Bull Cola, Which They Just Discovered Has Trace Amounts Of Cocaine In It.