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    Was Dimitrov sporting a hair piece in the match against Federer?

    Transpantants and well done Dimitrov aged a lot couple of last years though
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    Better movement: Hewitt or Djokovic

    ITs about even but Djoko has a league better groudies and serve
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    Regarding how strong this era is, Andy Murray is underrated here

    Great answer.. I also find his tennis more entertaining than djoko and Nadal.. Also beard is great nickname , most men looks 10x times better with the beard I think Federer will improve a lot with the beard
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    Regarding how strong this era is, Andy Murray is underrated here

    Murray also deserve at least one Australian open, shame he didnt won any
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    Regarding how strong this era is, Andy Murray is underrated here

    Federer, NAdal and Djokovic are 3 best players at history without any doubt. As much i like Pete Sampras and his game, lets be honest, regarding competition, versatility, condition, he is just a slightly below these 3 overall Realize Murray was able to keep step with these players, just watch...
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    Best player not to win a GS?

    Cedric Pioline was most naturally talented athlete from these guys, however guys at the list had better carrer than him. He made 2 slam finals and had most beautiful game. Unfortunately, him and Tommy Haas are not even top 10 now. For now its Ferrer he had much much better carrer than rest of...
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    Reasons why this wimbledon is worst at last decades

    Semi final matches are very unappealing - boring (Nothing against Cilic and Querrey they deserved it and played well, but come on such a boring much setup, same about Berdych and Federer) Literally zero emotional vibes, 3 of semi finalists lack charisma , lacks of emotional big 4 vibes All...
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    Andy Murray play most interesting tennis now -FACT

    This is actually not trolling thread. All matches of Andy at this RG were top quality, all3 of them. Easy best matches at this RG.
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    Andy Murray play most interesting tennis now -FACT least someone gets it. Djokovic tennis is like robotic, like machine, Murray is more natural and much much more interesting to watch.
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    Rafael Nadal is entering his prime right now

    I dont like his tennis because is most boring ever, but guy is entering his prime right now. Yeah , he plays at the top of his game now. And stop coping about weak competition, it is actually stronger than ever.
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    Andy Murray play most interesting tennis now -FACT

    He plays best tennis to watch - beautiful variance, drop shots, best lobs, he can be aggresive smashing winners as well as he can have goat defence. Not like Rafa who just topspin his forehand , Nadal si actually most boring player to watch
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    Ranking top 5 tennis players in terms of elegance

    1. Cedric Pioline - best player ever to watch, such an classic elegant strokes , fluid movement, played like artist 2. Milos Mecir - The same case, only at second place because i like Cedric one hander more 3 . Stefan Edberg - Roger Federer - i have them tied, but personally i prefer Edberg...
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    Has anyone played more elegant tennis than Federer in Open Era ?

    Cedric Pioline played more elegant tennis, more elegant strokes and movement...but nowhere as effective and good. I have Federer ar 4 place after Pioline, Mecir and Edberg when we talk about elegance.