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    Thiem has gained a new fan...

    I have now officially adopted my new favourite player for the fast approaching post-Federer era...humble, very well spoken and an incredible talent. Not to mention a beautiful one-handed backhand (it's like looking in the mirror lol) Roger is, and will probably always be, my all time favourite...
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    5'7" Diego Schwartzman reached ATP #11

    I guess it must be useful when every ball that you have to hit is an overhead...
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    Is Djokovic overrated on clay?

    You are all getting it's Cecchinato
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    The Bull is back

    If my grandad had three balls he'd be a pinball machine
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    Safin: Roger is the best ever, other players are boring and play robotic tennis

    "Roger is the best ever, other players are boring and play robotic tennis" That is exactly why I am a Fed fan first and foremost...
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    If/when Federer is overtaken in slams, will he still be the GOAT?

    If Djokovic was to surpass Federer GS tally, then I would have to say he has a very strong case to be considered GOAT, and deservedly so...but if Nadal does it without improving his WTF abysmal record and by just piling on more RG titles, then I would say definitely not. Either way, the way...
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    Why do people think underhand serves are disrespectful?

    The name of the game is to win the point, underhand serve is within the rules so there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and I am surprised players don't sneak them in more often... Also, nothing wrong with tweeners. I often find myself playing them and the last thing I have in my mind is to...
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    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    I have been playing tennis for about 15 years (late starter, I was about 30yo when I picked up a racket), first 10 years non competitive (mainly just hitting balls with friends in a park's public court) then I joined a tennis club and got addicted by the adrenaline you get from playing matches...
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    We all have our favourite player, but who is your LEAST favourite and why?

    Just to clarify (again), the players named in the poll are the ones who were mentioned the most after the first 100 replies, I could only put up to 10 so I had to make a shortlist and Serena was the only female who made "the cut"... Also, they are in alphabetical order (except for Serena as I...
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    We all have our favourite player, but who is your LEAST favourite and why?

    Maybe because of their personality, or the way they carry themself on and off the court, or maybe because of their style of play or any other reason...but who are the players you dislike the most? NOTE: As I could only use 10 options for the poll, I have included the ones who got the most...
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    Attending Roland garros/Wimbledon

    Getting tickets for Wimbledon is anything but straightforward. Some people actually set up tents and sleep outside in the queue for days. I have been 3 times myself, although I have not slept outside, once I queued for about 7 hours (I got there very early in the morning and got in around 1p.m...
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    Nadal makes history again

    ...and JC never even made a Grand Slam final!