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    Understanding tennis without being a good player?

    those types of people can only understand tennis to an extent. much like how i love watching NBA basketball, and i understand it to an extent. but if you break it down to the coaching aspect, i get lost. like, i still don't know how to determine when a team runs a particular set offense or...
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    Sampras 1998 vs Federer 2008

    Djokovic owns Federer.
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    Ana & Rafa

    she looks just like him. :shock:
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    Worst ass-kicking in a GS finals

    Serena put a hurtin' on Sharapova in last year's Australian Open Final.
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    Monica Selles- Dancing with the Stars

    her first performance was awful and unnatural. but her 2nd performance was kinda sexy with her gyrating hips. :)
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    Rank these WTA players regarding their firepower !

    surprised there's no Davenport.
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    refecting on federer's career now his prime is over

    Federer lost to Mardy Fish! in straight sets! :D
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    Improve Sampras' Game

    i'd give him a bigger racquet, and a stricter diet. i think his movement went downhill due to him gaining some lbs.
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    Monica Selles- Dancing with the Stars

    she's awful. it's embarrassing. i cannot believe she even decided to do the show. it makes me cringe.
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    Nike Holiday 2008

    it's way too early for this stuff. i'm surprised they even have a catalog already.
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    New Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II White Black Available Now!

    i love them. i'm getting them. i also saw in the back of the new tennis magazine in one of the ads, there's a predominantly white with navy blue and a little grey Cage II. they look similar to the black/white ones. i wonder when those will come out.
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    Federer a fan of Kobe Bryant

    that's cool that Fed is a Kobe fan. Sampras is a Kobe/Laker fan too. i'm surprised he ain't wearing some stuff.
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    M. Chang makes the Hall of Fame

    does Anna Kournikova deserve to be in the HoF?